Letters to the Editor

Who Is My Brother?

Dear Editor: Am I my brothers’ keeper? It seems unthinkable that we are not moved by the death of 17 young people in Parkland, Fla.

Would anyone suggest that the bodies of these students be preserved immediately so that their bodies could be harvested for their hearts, livers, kidneys, corneas and whatever else could be used to make life better for so many other young people?

Most people would shudder at such a suggestion and decry it as ghoulish. Yet this is what Planned Parenthood believes about 14-, 15-, 16-, and 20-week old bodies in utero. (The governor of NYS would allow abortionists to let die from neglect and starvation any child born alive during an attempted abortion.)

The real blood money in politics is Planned Parenthood, not the NRA. Planned Parenthood receives over $500 million from the federal government and donates $200 million to mostly Democrat politicians who do their bidding to keep killing millions of the unborn.

Why are we not horrified when 14 “c”atholic senators voted against the 20-week abortion ban and the senators high-fived each other over the bill’s defeat by just one vote? My blood does run cold thinking of all the killing.

It is time to stop the killing. It is time to stop ‘c’atholic politicians from selling their souls to Planned Parenthood. It is time that we all become our brothers’ keeper.


Leesburg, Fla.