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Tributes to Msgr. Mahoney

Dear Editor: I was so sorry to hear about the passing of one of my favorite teachers from Cathedral Prep Seminary: Msgr. John E. Mahoney. He taught me all four years at Cathedral. His American history was without doubt the best I ever had in high school, college or graduate school.

He really made history come alive in a way that no other teacher ever did. He was a big part of the reason I went to get a doctorate in history later on.

But more than that, he was a good priest and a good man who had a really positive influence on so many of us at Cathedral. (He was also one of the biggest Mets fans I’ve ever known.)

Furthermore, I considered him in many ways a role model: positive, intelligent, strong and kind. In the classroom, he brooked no foolishness, but he had a great sense of humor.

He lived a good life and I consider myself fortunate to have known him. I know many others feel the same way. Talk about the difference one person can make!

Rest in peace, Father John!




Dear Editor: Msgr. John Mahoney was a fine man, a good teacher and a loyal priest.

I met him when I was at Cathedral in 1978. He always greeted everyone with a smile. Although he was a young priest in those days it was easy to see he was a serious person with a mission. It was clear that he believed.

Saints of God, come to his aid! Come to meet him angels of the Lord! Receive his soul and present him to God the Most High.


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Dear Editor: I knew and loved John since he was a Deacon at St. Francis of Assisi in Astoria. He served the Church with both fervor and good humor; his Gospel values always went with him. Requiescat in pace.


Oneonta, N.Y.

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