Letters to the Editor

Mercy for the Sisters

Dear Editor: I was extremely dismayed when I read the article in The Tablet regarding Angel Guardian Home.

Without any rebuttal or defense from Bishop DiMarzio, Catholic Charities or The Tablet, you printed quotes from politicians like State Sen. Marty Golden, Assemblyman Abbate and Councilman Justin Brannan such as “The Sisters have no mercy”; “The Sisters are a disgrace to their Order”; “The neighborhood should petition the Holy Father to disband the Order.”

These politicians are disgraceful opportunists and The Tablet did nothing to defend the Sisters.

The Sisters of Mercy have spent more than 100 years working for the Diocese of Brooklyn caring for orphans, teaching the children of immigrants and serving the poor in myriad ways. They now deserve our trust, thanks and respect.

I have no idea what they plan to do with the property, but I do know that they need to plan carefully for the financial security of their community to continue their good works and care for their elderly and infirm.


Bay Ridge

Editor’s Note: The purpose of a news story is not to “defend” anyone but to simply state the facts as they occurred. We asked the Sisters for a comment, but the leadership did not wish to respond. We also felt that readers should know what their politicians are saying and they can hold them accountable as they wish. We do, however, share your respect for the contributions of the Brooklyn Sisters of Mercy over the years.

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