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What Is Human Trafficking?

(Photo: Currents News, FBI)

By Jazmin Rosa

Human trafficking can take many forms; it is not simply some clandestine deed that happens only in the underbelly of Third World countries.

It is a form of modern slavery that occurs every day in cities and towns all over the world, New York City being no exception.

Any time someone partakes in an act as a result of force, threat or coercion, they are a victim of trafficking.

Take a look at some of the examples below to learn about some of the forms that trafficking may take in our society:

>> Psychological manipulation and instilling fear (of being humiliated, or getting in trouble with the law) in victims in order to control an individual is human trafficking.

>> Being led to believe you were coming into a new country to do one job and being coerced to do another is trafficking, specifically when it creates a debt owed to the trafficker.

>> Similarly, owing a debt to a trafficker and working for such little pay that you cannot afford to move on your own and are subsequently forced into other work is trafficking.

>> Being forced into marriage for any reason can be considered trafficking.

If you suspect someone to be a victim of human trafficking or may have identified a potential trafficker, use these resources to anonymously report your

National Human Trafficking Hotline
CALL 1-888-373-7888
TEXT 233733
TTY (Hearing Impaired) 711