COVID-19 Pandemic Makes Human Trafficking Worse, Panel Says

Flor Molina crossed the U.S.-Mexico border with her trafficker in 2002. At the time, she was under the impression the trip would last six months, provide housing, and enough money to return to Mexico to open a sewing shop and provide for her three children.

Nuns Praised for Anti-Trafficking Work During COVID-19

Representatives from both the United States and the United Kingdom have praised the work of religious sisters to assist trafficking victims during COVID-19, arguing that their work is crucial as the world prepares for the pandemic aftermath.

Caritas Warn of Rise in Human Trafficking Amid Pandemic

As governments and world leaders struggle to contain the coronavirus pandemic, they must also work harder to protect victims of human trafficking, said the Vatican-based international network of Catholic charities.

The Web Snares Child Sex Victims

In a discreet office inside New York’s FBI headquarters, Michael Osborn, the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of Violent Crimes and Crimes Against Children, is tackling a growing crisis in America — online child sexual exploitation. The internet has become the go-to place for predators who want to target vulnerable young children. And it’s not just for profit.

Human Trafficking: Millions Are Trapped in Forced Marriages, Labor

Around the world, human trafficking has reached horrific new heights. Fueled by conflict, poverty, food insecurity and the effects of climate change, traffickers are finding new opportunities to prey on those who are searching for safety. Pope Francis, who has made combating human trafficking a priority, recently acknowledged the impact of Talitha Kum at an exhibit in Rome.

Who Are the Victims of Human Trafficking?

According to the “Global Report on Trafficking in Persons,” the most common form of human trafficking (79 percent) is sexual exploitation — and the victims are predominantly women and girls — followed by forced labour (18 percent).

What Is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking can take many forms; it is not simply some clandestine deed that happens only in the underbelly of Third World countries.

Human Trafficking: An American Epidemic

There is a hidden crisis in America. It is happening in brownstones on tree-lined streets you may have walked down, at stores you might have shopped at and on online sites you have shared family memories on.