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Youth Views: What drives you to accomplish your goals?

Lawrence VadopivecLawrence Vadopivec, freshman
Holy Cross H.S.

If I complete my homework, I can play video games and take naps.




Rachel ZhangRachel Zhang, freshman
St. Francis Prep

What drives me is that people are counting on me to do things, and if I don’t do them, I not only let them down, I let myself down, too.




Nicholas SimoneNicholas Simone, sophomore
Holy Cross H.S.

The possibility of future success is what drives me.




Olivia MorrisOlivia Morris, freshman
St. Francis Prep

My motivation comes from the feeling I get when I accomplish something. When you have the motivation to accomplish something, you feel great when you actually do it.




Patrick MullerPatrick Muller, sophomore
Holy Cross H.S.

It feels good to give back to my parents by getting good grades and being the best that I can be.




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