Letters to the Editor

Welcomed Into Heaven

Dear Editor: Monsignor Vázquez was a great priest (“Msgr. Vasquez Was Brooklyn Diocese’s First Hispanic Pastor,” Obituaries, Nov. 17). He was intelligent, hard working and very spiritual. He was a very nice guy too. As he will be missed on earth, he celebrated in heaven….


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Dear Editor: Msgr. Vázquez married my husband and me in 1990. My husband is Roman Catholic, but I am not. During our pre-marriage sessions, Msgr. Vazquez treated me with such pastoral love and respect, complimenting me for being a better Catholic than my husband!

For some reason, I was thinking of Father Vazquez earlier today and decided to Google him although I no longer live in Brooklyn and it has been more than 25 years since I attended Midnight Mass at St. Agnes. Both my husband I are so saddened to hear of his passing but know that he was welcomed into Heaven, for he surely lived a life of service and devotion to others. We thank God for having experienced Father Vázquez’s kindness personally.


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