Letters to the Editor

Father ‘Rock’

Dear Editor: I have known Father ‘Rock’ my entire life (“St. John’s Priest Is a ‘Rock’ for Athletes,” Feb. 23).He is a true Christian. He walks the walk that Jesus preached.

For everything he says, he has done when there was no witness. He is the best priest I have ever met. It is an honor to call him family!


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Dear Editor: I have known Father ‘Rock’ since his days in Germantown! Not only is he a ‘Rock’ at St. John’s but he was and always will be “The Rock in G-Town!”

Father ‘Rock’ is well-known here and everyone loves him. Father ‘Rock’ performed many weddings, baptisms, funerals and, without a doubt, is a ‘member’ of many Philadelphia families. Every time St. John’s is on TV, I immediately look for Father Rock.

This is a funny story – I was shopping at the King of Prussia Mall and I started a conversation with the woman next to me in line. We talked about Philadelphia and Germantown. Somehow Father ‘Rock’ was mentioned – this woman knew Father Rock for years! What a small world!

Father ‘Rock’ is truly a blessing and a gift to everyone who knows him!


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Dear Editor: Father ‘Rock’ is an inspiration! We need more positive stories on how we can instill leadership, community and build character for our young people. We have many good men and women in Catholic education who champion our students! Let’s spend more energy in highlighting the good they do.


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