Election 2016

Weigel Unfair to Trump

Dear Editor: George Weigel’s column (March 12) “Resisting the Demagogue” adds to the frenzy of media slander of Donald Trump, largely orchestrated and financed by the internationalist monied elite. They fear Mr. Trump because they haven’t been able to buy him out like the rest of the establishment politicians.

Weigel admits that this election concerns a New World Order of globalized money outsourcing millions of American jobs and burdening us with a several hundred billion dollar trade deficit but offers no alternative other than to call Trump a demagogue. Trump wants to renegotiate trade agreements so that we sell as much to foreign countries as we buy from them. He wants to adjust tax policy to encourage the repatriation of $2-to-$4 trillion in overseas sheltered corporate profits to rebuild our manufacturing base.

When you read that Trump is a demagogue, it’s the oligarchy complaining that Trump is getting lots of votes from those who agree with him. Some people would call this democracy in action. But the establishment hates a populist movement it doesn’t control.

So the globalist pitch is that U.S. citizens are unsophisticated and vote emotionally. But Mr. Weigel’s column is filled with emotionally slanted and dishonest rhetoric. He implies that Trump’s policies will give rise to another Hitler. He impugns the character of a man I doubt he ever met, the wit of a man who survives the most vicious opposition research, and the life experience of a knowledgeable businessman whose thousands of employees know to be a considerate and gracious man.

Mr. Trump may have his faults. But weakness confronting adversity, two-faced smarminess and political correctness are not among them. He does not tolerate racism and religious discrimination. He has promoted women in his organization to equal footing with men. And he has contributed generously and largely anonymously to charities.

We deserve better from Mr. Weigel than a one-sided and superficial judgement.


Dyker Heights