Letters to the Editor

Wedding Site Precedent?

Dear Editor: Regarding the article “In-Flight Wedding on Papal Plane” (Feb. 3), I understand that the Chilean couple met the conditions required.

However, I know that Catholics must be married inside a Catholic Church. How was being married on a plane explicable?

My parish is Our Lady Queen of Martyrs in Centerport, L.I. We have an outdoor altar, cross, and Statue of St. Gabriel. It is marked as “Dedicated Space” and is adjacent to the church.

Yet, I was told that while Masses are celebrated there, Catholics cannot be married there. They must be married inside the church building.

The most “heavenly” scene is when the priest raises the host and chalice with the beautiful sky and water in the background.

This is a place created by God, yet Catholics can only be married inside a building made by man.

Perhaps Pope Francis has set a precedent.


Huntington, L.I.