Letters to the Editor

UK Vetoes Assisted Suicide

Dear Editor: The recent vote by a plurality of over 100 votes in the British House of Commons against the legal authorization of assisted suicide in the United Kingdom is perhaps one of the few votes on a bill which would have opened the floodgates to greater evil procedures. The elected members of that body maintained a standard of moral law that few legally elected officials dare to even state publicly.

But it does not surprise me that a seismic legal event in the Mother of Parliaments did not even draw a yawn in the American press. Why? We all know the answer. Fear, more fear, to which Pope John Paul II drew our attention.

It was the writer and moralist Father Tadeusz Pacholczyk (Jailed for Defending Marriage, Sept. 19) who did however draw our attention to the absurdity of the “incidents” concerning the punishment meted out to Kim Davis and the lack of punishment for Jack Conway. Father clearly accepts the Polish saint’s warning.


Floral Park