Doctor Questions When A Life No Longer Matters

A change in the mindset of the medical community, shifting a doctor’s responsibility from the good of the patient to the good of the group, has wrought deadly consequences, a Catholic medical doctor warned parishioners in Queens.

Court Says NYS Cannot Assist Someone’s Suicide

New York’s highest appeals court has unanimously ruled that the state’s ban on physician-assisted suicide is constitutional, granting a major victory to opponents of the practice.

Catholic Pols Urged to Not Misrepresent Church

Comments made by Catholic legislators in New Mexico in support of abortion and physician-assisted suicide “do not represent” church teaching and “may be confusing to the Catholic faithful,” said the state’s Catholic bishops.

We Do Not Choose the Hour of Our Death

I recently read Jojo Moyes’ “Me Before You” about a young man, paralyzed in a motorcycle accident who heads off to an assisted-suicide clinic. Society will continue to attempt to convince us that allowing others to express their “right to choose” is a selfless act. Yet the challenge to accept God’s right to choose when we die is much more difficult.

Voters Rejected Most Church-Backed Proposals

In this year’s election, voters went against nearly all of the ballot initiatives backed by Catholic leaders and advocates, except the referendums on minimum wage increases and gun control measures.

Church Opposes Neutral Stand on Assisted Suicide

The American Medical Association (AMA) is studying whether to adopt a neutral stance toward physician-assisted suicide, a turn from its long-held opposition to the practice.

Reminder That Doctors Are Healers Not Killers

Applying Catholic principles about death and dying issues to New York State laws was the topic for Kathleen Gallagher of the New York State Catholic Conference, when she visited Brooklyn Wednesday evening, Oct. 5.

Not the Way to Die

The State Legislature returns to Albany this week for two final months of the 2016 Session. We urge lawmakers to defeat legislation that would legalize doctor-assisted suicide. Proponents of assisted suicide have targeted our state and hope to have lawmakers voting on this before the end of June.