Letters to the Editor

Two Standards for Judging

Dear Editor: What is really galling is former President Obama’s personal statements that totally contradict his so-called concern for climate change.

In late 2016 separate interviews with the New York Times and Vanity Fair (the party organs for the proto-Bolsheviks and their anti-Catholic agenda), Obama indicated that what he will miss most about being President is the use of Air Force One (a jumbo jet) and Marine One (a jumbo helicopter), the two biggest polluters in the world since they are enormous and are used to transport only one person. (Anyone else on board is there only because of the president.)

Furthermore, he stated that his goal is to earn enough money so, when he flies, he can do so by private jet (the second biggest polluter)! Of course, none of his acolytes including the editorial board members of the Times criticized him. I wrote a letter to the Times on this very point but naturally they did not print it.

When President Trump expressed doubts about various aspects of climate change, the howls and protests from the proto-Bolsheviks were deafening, only proving what many of us already know: there is one rule for the former president who can do nothing wrong and one for the current president who can do nothing right.

Sounds like a form of bullying to me.