Letters to the Editor

Compatible with the Law

Dear Editor: I want to thank Ana A. Garcia for spelling out what nobody seems to want to hear when she said openly and honestly “disregarding American laws and sovereignty is not to be admired or supported.”

I am also not anti-immigrant. My grandparents were immigrants and came to the U.S. legally and raised a family of nine children without any entitlements. I also married an immigrant who came to this country legally, made it a priority to learn English without the benefit of a study program, got working papers and eventually a Green Card, and has been a proud citizen of the United States for the past four years. It was a long journey but he stayed the course and earned his citizenship. I am proud of him.

Ana Garcia also stated, “it is disconcerting and dishonest for Catholics accusing others of not being compassionate or of not being real Catholics if they oppose illegal entry to the U.S.” I totally agree with that as well. Since when is it okay for a Catholic to encourage, aid or abet breaking a law?

Having compassion while opposing the breaking of U.S. laws should not be opposed to each other. But that compassion does not turn a blind eye to the fact that people who entered this country illegally made a choice, which will now have consequences, as it would for any of us, including my husband, had he chosen a different path.

I admire Ana A. Garcia for stating a viewpoint that is not often popular these days but one that needs to be heard.



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