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Troubled by Francis

Dear Editor: As The Tablet Sees It (July 29) asked readers to tell what they think, about the article by Fathers Spadaro and Figueroa and Pope Francis’ feelings toward conservative Christians who voted for President Trump.

I’m troubled with Francis drawing comparisons between Islamic terrorists and American evangelicals, accusing conservatives of advancing “a theocratic type of state.” I believe Pope Francis is against President Trump building a wall to keep out illegal immigrants. I’m saddened that Pope Francis has continued to make political statements against President Trump and our country’s free enterprise and capitalist system. I believe the pope, Catholic cardinals, and bishops want a “socialist system” of government where the government controls people from birth to death.

I’m a practicing Catholic and go to Church every Sunday. I am 83 years old, and have five grandchildren and one great, granddaughter. They are my most precious people. Unfortunately, they are growing up in a country that no longer resembles the country where I was raised. I’m outraged and ashamed of what my country has become.

I am greatly disappointed with my Catholic leaders for failing to speak out against the absolute “hatred” of President Donald Trump.

Ed Moffitt

East Flatbush

One thought on “Troubled by Francis

  1. Very good ED. I would like to ask Why are so many of the American public think Socialism is a good thing.
    Where has it been successful? I look at Socialism and see only baby communism. Do we want to wait
    and see how that is going work out. Depressed in Jackson Heights.