Letters to the Editor

This Heinous Bill

Dear Editor: The recent passing of the infanticide-friendly abortion law has an official name: “The Reproductive Health Act.” One might think, by its title, that it has something to do with reproduction (not killing), and the health and safety of both the mother and the baby.

But this misdirection is both intentional and cynical. The particular political party responsible for this horror has further exposed its ugly soul. Sadly, there are many, even among faithful Catholics, who have no such eyes or ears, nor it seems, do they have leaders willing to condemn this particular political party, by name.

The bottom line is that this heinous bill, legalizing abortion up to and including the moment of birth, was passed with only Democrat votes. No one, but Democrats, voted for this, and if you look on the NY State’s website you can find quotes of every Democrat who did so boastingly proud of their vote.

We all, and this includes all Catholic prelates and media outlets, need to stop talking around the Democrat elephant. And, truthfully, if the Democrat Party is not stopped, and stopped soon, it will end by aborting the Catholic Church in America.



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