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The Tablet’s Annual ‘Bright Christmas’ Campaign Is Back

Click here to donate to The Tablet’s Bright Christmas Fund online.

The Tablet’s 2021 Bright Christmas campaign has officially begun!

The yearly event is devoted to giving back to those less fortunate. Bright Christmas has been a tradition for over half a century, with the goal of ensuring that no child goes without a gift on Christmas.

“The staff of The Tablet looks forward to Bright Christmas each year and for good reason,” said Vito Formica, executive director of news content & development for DeSales Media Group, the parent company of The Tablet. “This campaign gets everyone in the Christmas spirit, and we get to see and appreciate the generosity of our readers. Without them, this drive would not be possible.”

Last year was an extremely difficult one due to devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that still persist; other issues also hit close to home and impact the lives of so many who are challenged to buy groceries, obtain medical care, and simply provide for their families. That’s what the Bright Christmas campaign is all about — supporting those who need a little extra help.

Despite the struggle, in 2020, The Tablet raised more than $106,000 for diocesan and parish-based groups, as well as religious education programs, that have requested resources they can pass along to others. This year, we are hoping to raise $115,000.

Over the past 10 years, the campaign has received and distributed more than $1 million. This has been used to purchase Christmas presents, food, materials that teach the faith, and other necessities.

Bright Christmas began under the leadership of Deacon Don Zirkle, former editor of The Tablet, in the 1960s, when there was a booming movement to help inner-city children. At that time the fund consisted of a few thousand dollars, distributed throughout the parishes in the diocese so children could partake in a Christmas celebration.

Pastors, parish administrators, and directors of diocesan groups seeking assistance this Christmas should contact The Tablet as soon as possible. The campaign grants funds only to those parish groups and outreach efforts within the Diocese of Brooklyn that request help to brighten this holy season focused on the most important gifts of family and faith.

Click here to donate to The Tablet’s Bright Christmas Fund online.