The ‘Technology Superintendent’

Deacon Kevin McCormack, the newly-named superintendent of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Brooklyn, has spent nearly 40 years guiding students at Xaverian, first as a teacher and then as principal for the past 15 years.

Only In Print: The Old Rugged Cross

Most people recognize these as the opening lines of the popular hymn, “The Old Rugged Cross” which was written by George Bennard in 1912 and has since been recorded by hundreds of Christian artists across almost every genre of music.

MLK and the Songs of the Civil Rights Movement

When a bus driver in Montgomery, Alabama, demanded that a young Black woman named Rosa Parks give up her seat in the non-Black designated section of the bus, so began the civil rights movement in earnest. 

The First 50 Years of Enduring Christmas Classics

There is nothing more welcome than a Christmas song to put us in the mood for all the joyous blessings that celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. We look forward to enjoying these warm and familiar favorites, both religious and secular, that remind us about what really matters most — the love of family, enduring friendships and our faith in the Lord.