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The Facts Are Out There

Dear Editor: I am baffled first by the Editor’s Note in response to “Not a Fan of the President” (July 1-8). I thought it was a bit hostile. It seemed, to me, that you attacked his right to express his opinion. To call his thoughts a “knee-jerk reaction” was not in line with our freedom of speech and democratic way! He supported his statements with policies that the president has put forth.

Second, the July 15 “Readers’ Forum,” carried two letters: “Stop the Name Calling,” and “Give President a Chance.” Each presents a somewhat contradictory view to “Not A Fan of the President.”

Were there any responses that expressed agreement with Mr. Wawrynek’s view? I know it’s difficult to mix religion and politics and I usually refrain from doing so, but I just wonder if the writer of “Stop the Name Calling” has listened to the president’s speeches. He is constantly using inappropriate words to address foreign leaders, Republicans who disagree with him and Hillary Clinton, to name a few. Yes, the things you mentioned are good, but does that mean you ignore the other policies he’s pushing?

And to the writer of “Give President a Chance,” don’t you read what’s happening? Today, for example, he said transgenders are not welcome to defend their/our country. Even our beloved pope said everyone is welcome in the Church, even transgenders. The facts are out there.



One thought on “The Facts Are Out There

  1. Thank you for expressing my own feelings on these letters from the readers of The Tablet. There is a pro-Trump feel for the majority of the Letters to the Editor, with some letters on the edge of being irrational.