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The Catholic Voice

Dear Editor: Have we as Catholics lost the ability to speak out? How many more things in which we do not believe will we be forced to accept?

Hillary Clinton’s former running mate is supposedly a Catholic. Tim Kaine closed the vice presidential debate supporting abortion under the guise of a woman’s right to choose. Mr. Pence, a Christian but not a practicing Catholic, gave a beautiful closing in support of right to life. Have we lost our voice? Shame on us!


Howard Beach

2 thoughts on “The Catholic Voice

  1. Shame on this country for electing a reality show star and billionaire who gropes women, tweets about how he is portrayed on a comedy show, appoints people to his Cabinet who will destroy the enviroment, and is supported by the KuKluxKlan and the radical religious right. Let’s broaden the definition of “right to life” to include the poor, the working class, women, and children.

  2. Yours is a very dishonest comment. No one is going to destroy the environment. There is no such thing as the religious right. And the only people who have cared about the poor, the working class, and children have been right to lifers, whom you obviously hate for not thinking the way you believer they should think..