Letters to the Editor

Thanks for the Memory

Dear Editor: I happened come across a letter (Oct. 17) that appeared in The Tablet from John Carter.

He was writing about the Xaverian Brothers and asked if anyone knew Brother Borromeo otherwise known as Brother Dennis Flynn, C.F.X. I am his nephew, Peter E. Flynn residing still in the borough of Brooklyn.

I’ve not had any success reaching Mr. Carter via an Internet search, but if you’re able to contact him, let me know.

It was a pleasure reading such positive reflections on such a wonderful man.



3 thoughts on “Thanks for the Memory

  1. Very nice reply by Mr. Flynn to my October letter regarding his relative who served with the Xaverian Brothers
    If you can communicate with him, please have him contact me at 917-378-5377. Seems he is still a Brooklyn resident as I am. I wish I had not lost the letters I received from “BB” after he retired! What a great teacher!