Letters to the Editor

Techniques of Darkness

Dear Editor: Thomas Groome, a professor of religious education and theology at Boston College, wrote a recent opinion piece in The New York Times (March 27).

In it, he seems to favor the ancient and time-honored approach to making sin palatable: serve it up in small, ‘appealing’ portions.

He also points to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops for Mrs. Clinton’s loss in the recent election. The reason? The bishops turned their attention from social issues (peace, the economy) to culture wars (abortion and gay marriage). Here we witness other ancient techniques – accusing supporters of abandonment; assigning the same value to moral issues and cultural differences.

Christ warned us of these techniques which are favored by the evil one; but He promised His love and support in our journey to resist and reject temptation. Let us keep faith.

It is troubling to find such faulty and manipulative thinking embedded within a faculty member at Boston College.


Richmond Hill