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Questions Common Cup

Dear Editor: Some readers have recently commented on how they are reluctant to use a handshake to express the Sign of Peace during the Mass because of the possible spread of germs to their hands just prior to receiving Holy Communion, assumedly in the hand. Some others may feel this is a bit extreme, but there does seem to be at least some legitimacy to their concern.

I may be sticking my neck out, but doesn’t anyone else see the big white elephant in the room? How can the question of sharing a common cup, sacred contents notwithstanding, not be raised if the handshake is worthy of print?

While I have helped to distribute Holy Communion for many years, I can testify that I don’t just give the chalice a token wipe between communicants, but as thorough a wipe as possible with a rotated and fresh area of the purificator. In spite of this, the thought of sharing a common cup, on face value, is at best questionable, if not of more serious concern. In the past, during times of special threat of disease, distribution of Communion by chalice was eliminated.

Where should we stand on sharing the chalice on a day to day basis?



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