Only in Print: Veterans Work to Save Memory of WWII Chaplain

Everyone’s reflections flashed across the face of a shiny, stone memorial on a speck of parkland called “Father Giorgio Triangle.” Etched into the memorial is the portrait of a young man — the park’s namesake.

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio

Remembering Our Veterans and the Importance of Our Military

My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

Some of the most significant pictures I keep of my father are those where he is in his WWII uniform. The first is the wedding picture of my mother and my father. In 1943, he was deployed state-side, and he wore his uniform when they were married.

Father Ortiz, a Proud Latino Vet

BENSONHURST — The U.S. military is becoming more ethnically diverse, just like the country it serves. Case in point: Hispanics are the fastest-growing minority in the military, and the number of Latino veterans is projected to double within 10 years.

On Veterans Day, The Stories of Two Local Catholics

As the country celebrates Veterans Day this weekend, here are snapshots of two local Catholic veterans: one who died in February, and the other who is a deacon serving at a parish in Park Slope.

V.A. Tackles Issue of Veterans’ Health Care

As Veterans Day on Nov. 11 approaches, Aponte’s health struggles are reminders both of the sacrifice he and countless other veterans have made to keep the United States safe and free and of the sprawling V.A. medical system that treats them at home.