Ex-Hunter Prof, Machete-Wielder, Avoids Jail, Gets New Teaching Job

The former adjunct professor whose tirade against pro-life students at a Hunter College information table went viral last spring has pleaded guilty to menacing and harassment for confronting a New York Post reporter and photographer with a machete after they tried to question her outside her Bronx apartment about the encounter with the students.

Machete-Wielding Hunter College Adjunct Turns Herself Into NYPD

Pro-life students who were both verbally and physically confronted by an adjunct professor livid at them for handing out pamphlets at Hunter College are speaking out about the harrowing incident, saying they were shaken by her tirade but were determined to continue advocating for the unborn.

Only In Print: Pro-Life Advocates Cite Suffragists as Allies

Susan B. Anthony fought for decades for women to have the right to vote, a historical fact that has been known for a long time. But pro-life advocates of today said that another battle she waged is not as well known — the fight against abortion.