Supreme Court Sends Texas Abortion Case to Federal Appeals Court

Less than a week after the Supreme Court ruled that the Texas abortion law could stay in place, the court sent back a lawsuit against the state’s abortion law to a federal appeals court, not to the District Court judge who had tried to block the law.

FDA Decision Allows Abortion Drugs to be Prescribed Online and Sent in Mail

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decision to lift restrictions on the abortion pill mifepristone — paving the way for women to obtain the pill by mail and self-perform abortions as early as 10 weeks of gestation without an in-person clinic visit — has drawn new criticism from pro-life advocates.


New York, California Pro-Lifers Push Abortion Alternatives to Help Women

California and New York Catholic conference leaders are emphasizing the need for pro-life advocates to redouble their efforts to advocate for abortion alternatives and walk with pregnant women after politicians in those states announced plans to expand abortion access.