‘Common Sense’ Candidates Claim Local City Council Seats

New York State Conservative Party Chairman Jerry Kassar called Tuesday, Nov. 2 “a very, very good day,” with a plethora of Republican-Conservative wins throughout the state, including many victors who will take office for the first time.

Let Us Pray and Play!

Jesuit Father Patrick J. Conroy, chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives, leads Democrats and Republicans in prayer.

Now It’s Time to Vote

Dear Editor: Some years ago, my colleague Louis Bolce and I published an article entitled “Our Secularist Democratic Party,” using survey and poll data documenting the drift toward secularism of the Democratic Party. The trend has only been accelerated in recent years.

George Weigel

Homelessness, Party-style

I grew up in what you might call a genetically Democratic family, but one in which partisan heterodoxy was not uncommon. My parents voted for Dwight D. Eisenhower twice, for Richard M. Nixon in 1960 and for the occasional Republican candidate for U.S. Senate from Maryland.

Freedom of Speech Trumps IRS Regs

One plank of the Republican Party’s platform that is not getting a lot of publicity is worth our attention. It could be an important game changer when it comes to the Church and politics. Presidential candidate Donald Trump introduced his vice presidential pick by reviewing a list of the issues the team would be supporting.