Teens Encounter Christ in Queens

It was two nights of spirit-filled prayer, praise and worship, testimonies, talks and fun entitled “Meet Me at the Well,” with youth members of a Queens deanery. The event took place in Jamaica on June 22.

Tablet Talk Jan. 26

Diocese Visit Our Lady of Ocotlan; Gifts From the Heart at St. Anselm

Let Them Speak: Who Are the ‘Least of These?’

As the lingering snow melts and spring gradually begins, homelessness still remains a constant, unchanging issue- countless people are without a home and without a place to call their own.

Let Them Speak: Fixing our Focus

Our focus needs to be fixed, it needs to be turned around! Many times in our lives, we invite everything else into our lives but Him, trying to fill a hole that can only be filled by the Lord himself, leaving us unsatisfied, empty and wanting more.

Good Luck, Father Smith

Dear Editor: Our outgoing priest, Father William G. Smith became our parish priest when St. Pascal Baylon (SPB) and St. Catherine of Sienna (SCS) parishes were merged in 2008.

Let Them Speak: Thinking about Mary

While women have achieved a great deal, the march towards institutionalized rights, freedoms and fundamental change is far from won and nowhere near over.

WYD Report: Opening Day with Slide Show

“It’s pretty amazing just to be here for the first time with so many more blessings that I can bring back to my parish,” said pilgrim Jilenny Duran, 16.

Teen Newsflash

WYD Fundraiser at Our Lady of Light parish, St. Albans on Jan. 23; Brooklyn Youth Catholic Day Registration is now open; and Change at the Youth Page.