St. Adalbert Parishioners Raise $4,000 to Repair Damaged Statue

As police continued to search for the vandal who toppled a 130-year-old statue of the Blessed Mother outside St. Adalbert Church, Elmhurst — leaving it broken in pieces — distraught parishioners have begun raising thousands to repair it.

Baby Jesus Beheaded Outside Diocese of Brooklyn Chancery

In what has emerged as the second act of vandalism in three days in the Diocese of Brooklyn, church officials are calling on the NYPD to increase its patrols around churches in Brooklyn and Queens in response to what they’re calling “a pattern of hate crimes against Catholics.”

Clergy, Cops, City Leaders On What to Do About Anti-Asian Hate

As the city is on the mend from a year of COVID-19 restrictions, fierce, unprovoked attacks on people of Asian heritage have erupted during the first few months of 2021. Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio says the Catholic faith has a role in dealing with the hate, but ultimately it is a moral issue in the heart of each person.