Priest in Haiti: Gangs Taking Over Capital Region

A priest living in a suburb of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, says armed gangs have taken control of 30% to 40% of the capital city and its surrounding suburbs, which has coincided with a surge of violence and crime.

Haiti Missionary Captors Demanding $17M Ransom

To describe the ever-worsening circumstances in Haiti, Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami invokes the Haitian Creole word “gagòt,” which simply translates to “mess.”

Removed From Del Rio, ‘Border Crisis’ Poised To Spread in U.S.

The migrants camped beneath the Del Rio International Bridge in Texas may have been dispersed by Sept. 24, but the impact of the latest chapter in this year’s border crisis will still be experienced nationwide, as thousands of the refugees are relocating across the U.S.