Bishop Cisneros Recalls Epiphany Joy in His Native Homeland Cuba

As a little boy, Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus Octavio Cisneros loved going to his grandmother’s house for Christmas, just like the popular holiday song “Over the River and Through the Woods.” But there was no “drifted snow,” because his grandmother lived on the outskirts of Havana, Cuba.

El Museo del Barrio’s Virtual Three Kings Day Celebration Doesn’t Miss a Beat

Usually, thousands attend and participate in El Museo del Barrio’s Three Kings Day Parade, wearing colorful capes, crowns, and costumes. This year, a virtual celebration took place without a parade — keeping festivities and traditions alive in people’s homes during one of the most joyous feast days of the season.

Culture, Faith and Gifts

The tradition of gift-giving on Christmas didn’t start with Santa Claus, but instead goes back to the Three Kings who traveled from the east to Jerusalem to give baby Jesus gold, frankincense and myrrh.