Catholic Missionaries Hit the Streets in Brooklyn to Evangelize

Missionaries from the Institute of the Incarnate Word have been pounding the pavement this September to invite Brooklynites around St. Teresa of Avila, Crown Heights, and Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph’s, Prospect Heights, to church.

The Missionary of Wall Street

Stephen Auth is used to being taken seriously as a manager of mutual funds. In his work in street evangelism, though, he has learned new lessons in humility.

Cardinal Dolan Evangelizes Culture at Met Gala, One Stereotype At a Time

For the usual red carpet attendees, it was a moment in which they were presented with a lived example of the Church open to the world around it — both via the figure of the cardinal, but also the cooperation of the Vatican in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s new exhibition on “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.”

Bishop Honored for Evangelization Efforts

The diocesan Assembly on Evangelization took time out of its program to honor Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio for his emphasis on evangelization over the past 15 years that he has been the spiritual leader of Brooklyn and Queens.