Modernization in Saudi Arabia May Help Christians

Last month, Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church held its first-ever Christmas Eve Mass in Saudi Arabia for Coptic Egyptians residing there. Coptic Christians and the Coptic media in Egypt cheered the event as a milestone for those who live in the Persian Gulf and lauded the government of Saudi Arabia for actively heading toward the “horizons of the developed world.” 

Egypt Cracks Down On Blasphemy Laws

In 2016, an Egyptian court sentenced four Coptic Christian teenagers to five years in prison after they appeared in a 32-second video mocking ISIS, which authorities said was an insult to Islam.

The Naked Truth of Discrimination

After more than four years waiting for justice, an elderly Coptic Christian woman, who was attacked and dragged naked down the street by a Muslim mob in her village in Egypt, feels shock and injustice as the court ruling acquitted the assailants. The acquittal by the Minya Governorate criminal court of three defendants — of a father and his two sons — in December has provoked outrage among Coptic Christians and rights groups.

Despite Coronavirus Fears, Egypt Refuses to Release Coptic Activists

by Shady Negm On March 21, Egyptian authorities released 15 political opposition figures after there were calls to free thousands of prisoners as a preemptive measure to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus among inmates. However, authorities have refused to release a Coptic Christian researcher who was detained on vague charges, ignoring his family’s […]

Coptic Woman Wins Inheritance Case in Egypt

Late last month, an Egyptian higher court granted a Coptic Christian woman equal inheritance with her brothers, overturning the rulings of two lower court judges.