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Only in Print: Coptic Christians Are Still Enduring Brutal Violence in Egypt | February 15, 2020

Catherine Ramzi, a Coptic Christian, explains during an interview with South Arabian Al-Hadath TV, how she was almost killed (inset) for not wearing a veil. (Photo: courtesy Al Hadath; courtesy Coptic United)

By Shady Negm, Special for The Tablet

CAIRO — Gruesome incidents of violence against Christians in Egypt show the danger they continue to face in the Muslim-majority country, despite President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi’s promises to protect them.

Two violent attacks that occurred in Cairo last month illustrate the point.

On Jan. 12, Catherine Ramzi, a Coptic Christian mother who has four daughters, was walking home in the afternoon when a Muslim man tried to kill her because she wasn’t wearing a veil. The perpetrator pulled her head back and slit her throat with a knife. Ramzi’s throat was sewed close with 63 stitches. She survived…

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