Despite New Law, Some Churches in Egypt Forced to Close

More than 1,100 Christian churches in Egypt that had been built without approval before have been made legal during the past three years, but at least 22 churches have been shut down because of security reasons.

In Egypt, Christian Marriage And Sharia Law to Reconcile

Egypt’s three major Christian denominations – Catholic, Coptic and Evangelical Christian – are preparing to sign off on a final draft of what is known in the country as “personal-status” law, the rules governing marriage, divorce and inheritance for Christians in Egypt.

Christian Returned From Iraq Only to Be Kidnapped by ISIS

An ISIS-affiliated group kidnapped a Coptic Christian man traveling in a communal taxi from Ismailia Governorate to Al-Arish, the capital of North Sinai Governorate, northeast of Cairo, his family told The Tablet.

New ISIS Attack on Egyptian Copts Mirrors Previous Strike

On the same road and with the same style of last year’s attack, members of ISIS killed seven Coptic Christians Nov. 2 on a bus carrying worshippers returning from a visit to St. Samuel the Confessor Monastery in El Minya Governorate.

Years After Egypt’s Maspero Massacre, Attacks Continue

It has been seven years since the Egyptian military brutally murdered 26 Coptic Christians who were peacefully protesting against sectarian attacks on their churches. Not only has justice not been served, but the hardliners’ attacks also have continued.

Egyptian Copts Called ‘Infidels,’ Harassed For Attending Church

Last week, two churches in Egypt were subject to demonstrations by Muslim hardliners who prevented Coptic Christians from worshiping, claiming the churches are unlicensed. In a third incident, a police officer broke onto a church and screamed at the worshippers “Infidels … you are all infidels.”