Only in Print: Martin Maria de Porres Ward Considered for Sainthood

Father Martin Maria de Porres Ward’s devotion as a missionary in Brazil has inspired Catholics from that country and admirers back in his native U.S. to promote him for sainthood. He is the seventh African American person to be advocated for sainthood.

MLK and the Songs of the Civil Rights Movement

When a bus driver in Montgomery, Alabama, demanded that a young Black woman named Rosa Parks give up her seat in the non-Black designated section of the bus, so began the civil rights movement in earnest. 

Rev. King Relied on Faith, Prayer to Fight Racism, Virginia Bishop Says

The Rev. Martin Luther King, the slain civil rights leader who is honored with a federal holiday the third Monday of January, “relied upon faith and prayer” to combat the racism and prejudice he and other U.S. Blacks suffered, said Bishop Michael F. Burbidge of Arlington.

MLK Prayer Service 2021 Preview

Turmoil, Progress Resonate for This Year’s MLK Holiday

The visions of peace, equality, and love will resonate powerfully during the 2021 Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, as the tumult of 2020 continues into the new year, said clergy and laity in the Diocese of Brooklyn. The annual MLK day prayer service is set for noon Jan. 18 at Our Lady of Victory Church, in Bedford-Stuyvesant.