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Tablet’s Catholic School Fundraiser Wraps, Winners to Be Announced

Fourth-grade students from St. Joseph Catholic Academy proudly display all the materials need ed for The Tablet’s Fundraiser for Catholic Schools. (Photo: Courtesy of Jennice Tankleff)

PROSPECT HEIGHTS — With the students finishing the final lap in the third annual Tablet Fundraiser for Catholic Schools, which ran from Sept. 25 to Oct. 6, principals and teachers are beginning the process of collecting the materials needed to tabulate the final scores. 

The fundraiser is sponsored by DeSales Media Group, the ministry that produces The Tablet. 

Students compete for cash prizes to see who can sell the most subscriptions and renewals of The Tablet. First prize is $3,000. Second prize is $2,000 and the third place student gets $1,000. It’s also an opportunity for schools to win money. The large and small schools selling the most subscriptions will receive $3,000 each. 

At the suggestion of Superintendent of Schools Deacon Kevin McCormack, for the first time principals had the option of selecting a teacher or administrator to oversee the campaign for their school. 

Sister Donna Smith, DC, facilitator for Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Academy in Bayside, said that her school was thrilled to have participated in this year’s campaign. “The students were excited when they heard about the prizes for the fundraiser,” said Sister Smith. 

“The parishioners at OLBS are also involved in helping the students in the academy by renewing and/or purchasing subscriptions. The program supports our students in Catholic schools and we are happy to be a part of it this year,” she added. 

Jennice Tankleff, fourth-grade teacher at St. Joseph Catholic Academy, noted the importance of Tablet Jr. The monthly school supplement is written for and by the students in the diocese, and, Tankleff said, “I feel the Tablet Jr. has some great activities for the children to help them understand their faith.” 

She added that as a Tablet subscriber herself, she genuinely believes that her students took ownership of the campaign. 

“The Tablet has always been a part of my family’s weekly mail since I was a young child. It actually makes me feel connected to the events of the surrounding neighborhoods, as well as the issues we face not only as people of society, but people of the same faith. It is nice to see how the youth of the parishes take part in the various school activities, as well as the CYO activities offered by their parishes,” Tankleff added. 

The Tablet is tabulating all the submissions and will determine the winning students and schools by the end of October. The Tablet will be visiting the schools and presenting the winning students with giant personalized checks, along with a real one they can use toward their Catholic education.