Tablet Paperboys and Girls Raise Big Bucks for Their Schools and Themselves

John Alexander, The Tablet’s marketing and circulation manager, visited the winners at their schools on Wednesday, Nov. 1, to present them with giant facsimiles of checks with their names emblazoned in bold letters. The youngsters, who glowed with pride during the presentations, will get the real checks in short order.

Some Diocesan Schools Go to Remote Learning on Oct. 13

The war in Israel is being felt here at home. Concerned about the possibility of protest demonstrations on Friday, Oct. 13, and the possibility of erupting violence, the Diocese of Brooklyn allowed Catholic academies the chance to decide to conduct classes remotely that day.

Only in Print: Meet the New Principals

When the new school year started in the Diocese of Brooklyn on Sept. 6, it also marked a new beginning for more than a dozen principals in Brooklyn and Queens.