Letters to the Editor

Sunset Park Jubilee

Dear Editor: Congratulations to Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish on its 125th anniversary.

To quote James Joyce, “Once upon a time and a very good time it was,” I attended Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, class of 1951. My eighth-grade teacher was Sister Teresa Carmel, C.S.J., “a former police officer.” My art teacher, Sister Muriel Vincent rejected my art show painting of a rocket ship because “there are no clouds in space.” I got cut from the altar boy tryouts because I couldn’t say the Confiteor. And I proudly marched with the Cadet Corps in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Vocations: Redemptorists: John Hamrogue, Emmet Wolf, Denis Kellegher; Capuchins: Dan O’Shea; Holy Cross Brothers: Hugh McCabe; Franciscan Brothers: Theodore Campbell, Joe Maloney, Peter Dawson, Anthony Laurino, and Ed Checketts.

Anniversary blessings to all!


Fresh Meadows