Letters to the Editor

Stop the Name Calling

Dear Editor: Some of the letters about President Trump truly amaze me and it shows how closed-minded some people are who only vote party.

President Trump has not stopped working since he became President. He has gotten many States to start producing products here in America and opening jobs. He constantly prays before meeting with world leaders, his cabinet and/or Congress. He has pushed religious freedom for all and recently a Court decision was rendered where a religious school yard will be repaired. I can say this is the first time I have heard of a religious institution being repaired by the government with some of the taxes that we religious taxpayers have paid in my 60 years of working.

He offered to fund Planned Parenthood only if it stopped doing abortions and they said “No” they would not stop doing abortions. I am not judging the women who have had abortions, but stop the lies and show them where to get healing help.

As for all who defend Planned Parenthood, they have claimed that they only kill two percent of their clients and they would not be willing to give that up. Let me ask all of you as I have asked some of our senators, if a terrorist walked into any public gathering and stated: We are only going to kill two percent of the people at this gathering would you say it was all right? Yet that is what terrorists have been doing since before 9/11, killing as many or as few as they can each time they attack; and many condone Planned Parenthood doing the same.

Tell me how this society is not worse than the societies that allowed slavery and/or the Holocaust, because in my opinion as horrible as slavery and the Holocaust were, it was strangers killing strangers, not family killing family.

Finally, many of us were not happy with different presidents being elected, but we never held any destructive protests, doing so much damage that cost the Government and insurance companies millions to repair. Who do you think pays for those repairs? The middle class people that you seem to be so worried about, yet many of you never write and say: Stop the destructive protesting.

Stop the calling of names. Please realize that if people are laughing at us they are laughing at the destructive behavior of all of you who keep acting like babies throwing tantrums, because they know their citizens would never get away with that behavior. Just look at what the North Koreans did to Otto Warmbier and his poor family, all over his trying to take some propaganda home.



One thought on “Stop the Name Calling

  1. I know that Trump “Tweets” before meeting with world leaders, but I was not aware that he prayed as well.