Stop Bickering!

This week saw the release of “Fire and Fury” by Michael Wolff, a book detailing the inner workings of President Donald Trump’s administration. Far from a flattering piece, its author and publisher have received “cease and desist” notices from the president’s lawyers.

In ecclesiastical circles, “The Dictator Pope” by an anonymous author using “Marcantonio Colonna” as a pseudonym, claiming to be a priest who works for the Vatican, offers an “insider’s look” into the inner workings of the Pope Francis’ pontificate. “The Dictator Pope” is hardly positive about the direction of the Church and the person of the Holy Father.

Books like these come and go, and they may or may not have anything worthwhile to say, but they reveal a great deal about the nature of their authors and the nature of the audience. Donald Trump is the President of the United States. There are many positive things that he has done, especially for religious freedom and the pro-life movement since he took office. However, there are other aspects where we, as Catholics, can take issue with him.

Pope Francis is the Holy Father, chosen by the College of Cardinals, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We cannot be naïve and think that every one of the Holy Father’s decisions have been met with universal acceptance by some in the Church and the world.

Instead of reading books like “The Dictator Pope” and “Fire and Fury,” perhaps we as Catholic people ought to pray for our leaders.

We pray for our leaders, even if we don’t agree with them or their policies, because we desire a just, peaceful and tranquil world. We have established protocols for peaceful transitions and we pray that the Holy Spirit is working through these legitimate rites of succession.

Enough of the naysayers. Let’s now get down to business and do so honest work for our Church and country.

One thought on “Stop Bickering!

  1. Great commentary! I agree. We need to stop.
    Pray for Trump and for our beloved country instead of trashing everything he does.
    He desperately needs our prayers. For every negative remark we think we need to make, turn it into a prayer for him and America….I included.

    I do believe in the power of prayer! God bless America!!!

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