Our Youth

St. Joseph High School in Communion and Liberation’s Good Friday Procession over Brooklyn Bridge


(Photos:Melissa Enaje)

Seniors from St. Joseph H.S., downtown Brooklyn, participated in the Communion and Liberation’s Good Friday Procession April 14. Faculty member Elizabeth Peralta accommodated Sapphire Hilton, Akia Wade and Shafrarisi Bonner as they walked from downtown Brooklyn, over the Brooklyn Bridge and into lower Manhattan.

“The reason I invite my students to the Way of The Cross is because it’s a simple gesture that lets us encounter how tremendous Christ is,” said Peralta, who started volunteering with the lay movement since she was a teenager. “We walk together even in a city that it could easily seem that we’re divided. Despite the fact that each of us carry our own unique crosses, we suffer together. I want my students to know that I’ll always be walking with them, and this seemed like a beautiful way to show them that.”