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Seeking Common Sense in Immigration Debate

Dear Editor: I accept Bishop DiMarzio’s opinion in this matter and as Catholics we are grateful for his opinion – as Catholics!

As Americans, we and our elected officials are responsible for dealing with an extraordinary situation on our border.

We are seeing a situation where both sides make legitimate points.

We have to guard our borders and we have to have a moral solution.

The situation seems to be instigated by persons to whom chaos on our border would be to the benefit of the most unscrupulous. Any attempt at a solution creates an image for media and enemies of our system of government to take advantage of.

Entry to the country from immigration centers to declare refugee status is what our system requires.

Releasing persons that did not follow this procedure because so many are intentionally trying to create chaos is not an answer.

The insane rhetoric we are seeing on our TVs and over the internet is playing right into the hands of those that would do us harm.

So we accept gladly the sane and moral direction of Bishop DiMarzio and the Holy Father, but we also need to resign ourselves to the difficult work of dealing with a problem that may have been intentionally created by our enemies.

Nations need borders. Nations need workers. Children need care and love and nations need order and sane resolutions. We do not need emotional outbursts from the uninformed anarchists that we are seeing from people trying to gain political advantage.

I’m for sanity and compassion, not what we are seeing.


Dear Editor: How about sending a delegation to the countries from which these families are fleeing? Doesn’t it make more sense to address the source of the problem?

Besides facing uncertainty at the U.S. border, how about dragging your kids through a dangerous journey? That is not acceptable either. The Church certainly has enough money and resources to take real action in these oppressive countries. How about using the money collected from the Papal fashion show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

America is just an easy target. It is easy to poke a lamb. How about poking the lion?

The priorities of the Church are now lockstep with the fake news media. I await the delegation’s full report because I’m quite certain that the conditions are not equivalent to the Nazi concentration camps in Germany, as reported in the local news. And if these families are receiving proper attention and care, I’m absolutely certain that we will hear nothing about it.

Sheepshead Bay

Dear Editor: Over the past few months, I have read letters from fellow Catholics in defense of the Trump Administration. While I believe in democracy and the right to the opinion of others, I find it appalling that anyone would support this president and Vice President Mike Pence. As a candidate, Trump believed in making America a nation of Christian values again. Really?

A president who urges violence against dissenters at rallies, a president who cozies up to dictators who trample the rights and dignity of their countrymen, a president who repeatedly attacks the media and sows the seeds of doubt to his own people, who lies on a daily basis to Americans, who calls for the imprisonment of political foes, who destroys the friendships and the peace with nations we align ourselves with for peaceful purposes, and who would deliberately separate parents and children at our borders.

People are vulnerable and helpless in their own nations. Is that really the Christian way? To me that is the work of a dictator who wants to be a god. History is full of such leaders.

Every day I watch and read the news, I pray for this nation and look to the words of men like Pope Francis, Bishop DiMarzio, and Cardinal Dolan along with others who speak out against the reprehensible and despicable actions of this president that give me hope that America can do far better as a nation.

Marine Park

Dear Editor: It’s very sad what’s happening at the border. In addition to helping those who have already been detained after crossing outside of official ports of entry, is there anything we can be doing in terms of education to let these parents, many from Central American countries south of Mexico, know that the best way to seek asylum into the country is through formal declarations at ports of entry? This way, they won’t be prosecuted immediately for breaking any laws, leading to the temporary separation of themselves from their children.

I think it’s important to have compassion on our government officials, as well, during this difficult time. It seems that many of them feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, nobody wants to separate families. On the other hand, we know that the reason many of these families want to come to America is that they know that we are a fair and just nation, at least compared to where they are fleeing from, which requires objectively enforcing laws.

My heart really breaks especially for the more than 80 percent of children who have been sent on the journey to the border alone, without any parents at all. Or worse, the many that have arrived with human traffickers pretending to be their parents.

I pray for wisdom and compassion and courage for those working on the front lines, that they know what the right thing to do is, and that they have the courage to do it.

Via Website

Dear Editor: As a 75-year old practicing Catholic, with 16 years of Catholic education, it is a constant challenge to separate Catholic theology from the fallible clergy that administer it. We believe the Pope is infallible on matters of faith and morals. His opinions on climate change, open borders or his Super Bowl picks, are irrelevant.

Now we have Bishop Edward Weisenburger of Tucson, Ariz., telling us that border agents on our southern border, enforcing laws duly passed by the U.S. Congress, should be denied Communion.

This is insane. Republicans who don’t want to offend their donors who want cheap labor, support open borders… Democrats see endless chain migration as a never ending source of new Democrat voters… the country be damned.

Everybody complains, but no one offers any solutions. All I ask is that politicians simply run the government as they would their household security and personal finances.

None of us has ever purchased a new car by demanding the salesman accept our offer. The deal is only closed if the needs of both parties are met.

Last year, President Trump offered a compromise deal. He increased from 800,000 DACA individuals to 1.8 million, a path to citizenship. In return, he wants to secure our borders with (a) the wall (b) chain migration limited to parents and minor children (c) no immigration lottery.

What patriot with no personal agendas can oppose this solution to comprehensive immigration legislation?


Dear Editor: The reason total support is weak overall, it seems, is because the clarity of the situation is not being given out.

Sure we want the church filled with parishioners. Sure we want families together. The issue is that there is a waiting list of legal immigrants waiting to come in too. These illegal immigrants seemed to have jumped the legal line ahead of those immigrants.

Plus, many are older than minor age. Plus some are not law-abiding at all in any very least way. Too much information is lacking.

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Dear Editor: This past Sunday in church, I read about the issue of immigration and how people are infuriated about children being separated from their parents at the border. The Tablet even ran a cartoon by Joe Heller depicting Jesus weeping over the issue.

What about the children being “separated” from their mothers by abortion? Sixty million babies have been “separated” (destroyed) legally since 1973 by Roe v. Wade, and it continues today right under our noses. Where is the outrage? Where are the cartoons speaking out against this atrocity?

Bay Ridge

One thought on “Seeking Common Sense in Immigration Debate

  1. Mr. Danzi, the issue of abortion has no relevance to what is happening at the border. Young children have been separated from their parents and transported thousands of miles across the country. Some of them are babies and toddlers. Do you remember your first day of school when you were five or six years old? Do you remember being separated from your mother for those hours and the fear and anguish you felt? Now multiply that distress a thousand times over and you will understand what these children are feeling. Your interjection of the topic of abortion is not only irrelevant, but shows a lack of compassion for the plight of these immigrant children.