Letters to the Editor

Ridiculous Name-Calling

Dear Editor: Without any specifics, two recent letters make the same ridiculous claims about President Trump as the propagandistic media, calling him a fascist, a racist, a white supremacist, a supporter of Russian interventionist policies and a man who “compares” himself to Christ on an occasion of self-deprecating irony.

None of this is true. There is nothing racist about preventing possible terrorists or anyone without identity papers from entering the country. And having been a carpenter, I’ve also noted this circumstantial parallel to Christ in episodes of jest.

Real fascism is rooted in the liberal notion that truth is what serves the state and the power elites who determine what is socially normative including who should have a right to life and who should not. This is precisely the sort of moral depravity that permeates liberal journalism, like the Huffington Post, which one writer cites authoritatively, a journal that actually did have commentators seriously comparing the right-to-life-denying Barack Obama to Christ.

The fact that such trash publications constantly promote abortion as their secular sacrament isn’t because their editorial position has a decent sense of right and wrong. They will go to any length to denigrate any opposition to their liberal/fascist world view. They confidently manipulate their readers to believe Trump’s limited and temporary immigration restrictions that concerns people only from ISIS-dominated countries and not from Muslim countries – the identical policy implement by Barack Obama, both Clintons, and John Kerry over the past 20 years – is a singular anti-Islamic episode by Trump.

Modern liberals, who are real fascists, get apoplectic when anti-fascists, like President Trump, threaten to undermine their false narratives about how authentic human values are properly protected by government. Capitalizing on submissive ignorance, they call the anti-fascist a fascist and construct hate-filled mythologies about an imaginary “religious right” whose crime is resistance to real liberal/fascist assaults on religious liberty.

If those Catholics, for example, who actually praise themselves for “courage” by condemning their own Church for resisting the slaughter of babies could muster up enough real courage to stop making excuses for tolerating the evil, we might all be able to realize that our real threats are from the anti-religious left.



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