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Resurrection Church Employee Assaulted; Teen Suspect Arrested

Front of Resurrection Church in Marine Park. During a July 28 confrontation, a church employee was a victim of assault outside the rectory. (Photo: courtesy of Resurrection Church)

WINDSOR TERRACE — A church employee was the victim of an assault in which a teenage girl bit her on the chest during a confrontation outside the rectory on July 28, according to its pastor.

“The young woman went off on a tear,” said Father William With, pastor of Resurrection Church, Marine Park.

Police said the 17-year-old suspect also broke a glass door.

The incident took place shortly after 9 a.m when an employee spotted the suspect and a teenage boy on a security camera on the grounds of the rectory at 2331 Gerritsen Ave.

“We have new cameras, so [they] went out to see what was going on,” Father With said. 

The employee asked the pair if they needed something and, according to police, the suspect remained in the walkway area despite being asked to leave multiple times.

The pastor said the girl confronted the employee “and then took a swing.” The employee defended herself, “but in the course of this altercation, the young woman took a bite near the chest,” Father With said, adding that the girl then punched the door.

Father With, who had served the 8:30 a.m. Mass, got to the rectory and found police there. 

“I came on the scene in the midst of all this after the beauty of celebrating the Mass,” he said.

The suspect, whose name was not released by police, was arrested and charged with assault, criminal trespass, and criminal mischief. No charges were filed against the teenage boy.

Police said the victim suffered from abrasions, swelling, and discomfort on her chest.

“She’s hurting right now,” Father With said.

In October, a vandal attacked a statue of the Virgin Mary outside the church, chopping off the left hand.

“We just went through a whole bunch of stuff with a statue, a while back, and we’re still waiting to have that restored,” Father With said.

The church had security cameras installed as a result of the vandalism and it was on one of those cameras that the employee spotted the people on the grounds.