Letters to the Editor

Reconciliation Monday

Dear Editor: I am sorry to say that I just came from a parish in Astoria, where there was no priest available to hear confession today (The Power of Forgiveness, The Tablet, Dec. 15).

I and a number of others waited until 4:30 p.m. for a priest to arrive, and when one didn’t, I called the rectory and spoke to a receptionist who told me there was no one available, that they were going to hear confessions Thursday night, and that “it was in the bulletin.”

She seemed miffed when I suggested that when the bishop says every parish is having confessions, you should be having confessions. I did not point to her that people from different parishes or those who do not attend church regularly would not see the local parish bulletin, perhaps you could.

Is not having confessions on Reconciliation Monday at least a venial sin?


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