CRS Exhibit Aims to Capture Human Face of Refugee Crisis

In a video message two years ago marking the 35th anniversary of the Jesuit Refugee Service welcome center in Rome, Pope Francis spoke directly to refugees and said “Each one of you refugees who knock on our doors has the face of God and is the body of Christ.”

Share the Journey of Migrants

Pope Francis has kicked off a two-year “Share the Journey” campaign to encourage Catholics to break down barriers of fear and build bridges with migrants and refugees. In response, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is calling for a National Week of Prayer, Oct. 7-14.

Pope: People Are Priority Over Security

With millions of people fleeing violence, persecution and poverty around the globe, individual nations must expand options that make it possible for migrants and refugees to cross their borders safely and legally, Pope Francis said.

Catholics Concerned Over New Immigration Order

Within hours of President Donald Trump’s new executive order March 6 banning refugees from six majority-Muslim nations, Catholic and other religious groups joined secular leaders in questioning the wisdom of such a move, with others vowing to oppose it outright.

Pope: Popularism Threatens Migrants

Indifference, fueled by populist rhetoric in today’s world, fans the flames of rejection that threaten the rights and dignity of migrants, Pope Francis said.

US Church Leaders Blast Trump’s Immigration Action

President Trump’s executive memorandum intended to restrict the entry of terrorists into the U.S. brought an outcry from Catholic leaders, who used phrases such as “devastating” and “chaotic” to describe the action that left already-approved refugees stranded at U.S. airports.

National Migration Week Starts Jan. 8

“Creating a Culture of Encounter” is the theme of 2017’s National Migration Week, Jan. 8-14, an annual observance the U.S. Catholic bishops began over 25 years ago.