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President Trump and Governor Cuomo

Dear Editor: My advice for President Trump is to advise Governor Cuomo that if he wants to open up the economy and have business as usual in New York before he is advised by the president’s advisory group and the death rate rise again the blood will be on his hands.

Governor Cuomo should not be putting his politics above lives and informed facts, good judgment, and common sense. If he wants that and if the Governor continues to ask him to, explain again to me why letting prisoners out of jail is making my community, my wife, my family, and my friends safer?

Even in kindergarten, we learn to be civil. I guess in his sandbox he didn’t learn to play well with others.

Jim Hopkins

Jackson Heights

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One thought on “President Trump and Governor Cuomo

  1. It is President Trump who has been putting politics above lives. Governor Cuomo has fought to protect the citizens of New York State against enormous indifference from the federal government. Donald Trump is the person who refused to take the leadership role necessary to protect us. It is the Democrat from Queens who stepped up to the plate, not the Republican from Queens.