Letters to the Editor

In Response to Dale A. Pivarunas’ Letter

Dear Editor:  Many thanks to The Tablet for proclaiming to be “The Pro-Life Newspaper.”

I realize that you allow different views each week to be published in the Readers’ Forum.

After reading Dale Anthony Pivarunas’ letter on April 11 (“Is Bernie Sanders’s Form Of Socialism Christian?”), I felt I had to respond because he presented a long argument for Bernie Sanders’ form of Socialism and how it can be examined as being very Christian.

As an active pro-life Catholic, I’m saddened to learn that so man Catholics feel that a socialist democratic form of government can serve Christians.

During the pandemic, all abortion facilities have been open for business. Governor Cuomo, a Catholic, has gotten much praise for his leadership during these past months.

We must remember that as our governor he passed the horrible law that allows babies that survive an abortion if the
mother elects can kill the baby.

He is doing a great performance of acting so concerned about saving New York lives. He even called his plan “Matilda” after his beloved mother.

To address Pivarunas’ question, Do Democratic Socialists support “the teaching of Christ”? They don’t. They don’t support the gift of life given to us by God. For Christians life isn’t only one issue — it’s the reason why we were baptized and we receive the sacraments.

Madeleine Santangelo-Palumbo

Seacliff, Long Island

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