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Preserving Precious Freedoms

Dear Editor: To pray or to fast in hopes that the Supreme Court won’t rule in favor of so-called “marriage equality” laws may be a wasted effort. By now, the Court has probably already reached a decision, and the Justices may be at the stage of deciding which of them should have the honor (if such be the proper word) of writing the “Majority Decision.”

It is helpful to note what the Irish government is doing, following the recent referendum. It is drawing up a new Marriage Law to incorporate the results of that vote, but the proposed law will also contain a provision – according to a report in The Irish Times newspaper – that “will not require any religious body or religious faith to recognize a same-sex marriage. It also provides that a ‘solemniser’ registered on behalf of a religious body will not be obliged to ‘solemnise a marriage in accordance with a form of ceremony that is not recognised by that religious body.’” A “solemniser” in this case meaning a priest or deacon.

I believe that, given the strong and prevailing religious leanings of the present U.S. Congress, such a law could also be enacted here, especially as the First Amendment to our Constitution forbids the government to interfere with the internal doctrines or rules of any particular faith or religion.


One thought on “Preserving Precious Freedoms

  1. What kind of sorry state befalls the Church that anyone would ever describe prayer and fasting as “a wasted effort.”